Sunday, August 24, 2008

vid of josh and chob

pics from hin of josh and chob

ahh summer

summer is coming and going and its time to reflect as some of you are going back to school and some of us are stickin to what we do best... tearin it up !!! as most of you heard the shiny cars were at hin this year reppin hard ups to josh for really really lettin loose and chob for killin it too. you guys are doing me proud now if i can only get my car goin lol but the mechanics car is always last because perfection comes with a cost .. damn a lot of cost... so heres to my boys and the other guys at the show wish i could have made it but i was a bachelor party pics up soon from aj and tim and such late.. oh and an update front suspension and crossmember made and rear suspension made just waiting on the engine and wheels and suspension but everything else is done except for the super secret paint job heheh you guys are gonna shit yourself.